We are in the relationship business. 
Yes, we know we help businesses put their 'best foot' forward online but when it really comes down to it —  it is all about relationships.  The relationships we have with our current customers and the relationships our customers are building with their customers through online tools.  As we empower our customers to grow, they are able to hire others and build more relationships with others.  It is an awesome cycle!

We look forward to partnering with you to build your business online!

Rodney Grubbs | Co-Founder
rodpicWell let's start with the important stuff. I am a husband to my fabulous wife, Karen, whom I've been married to for 30+ tremendous years. She is my best friend in life. We have mentored and coached engaged and young married couples for over 20 years. I'm also "Dad" to two college graduated, recently married sons, Josh and Zack. I'm extremely proud of the young men they have become. As far as my professional experiences, I retired at age 48 after a nineteen year career with AT&T. While with AT&T, I worked several years as a corporate trainer and the rest as a data analyst and project manager. I reckon you could say business analysis is my "thing". Since retirement, I have been busy building my coaching business, along with an assortment of personal businesses and enjoying time with the family. Through "Your Business Ignited" I help business owners quickly raise their profits by getting a flood of new customers while actually decreasing their advertising costs. Its not as tough as most people think, even in today's economy. I co-founded a personal residential real estate investment company and built it to over a million dollar portfolio within 18 months. I co-founded "Visionary Tennis", an online league scheduling company for adult tennis players of all ability levels. I founded "Touched By A Card.com" a personal greeting card company to help people stay in touch with family, friends and customers. And lastly, I am CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of All About Pickleball, LLC, which is a family owned enterprise, selling equipment and apparel to help grow the sport of Pickleball.

Oh yeah, the fancy sounding stuff:

Member Greater Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce
Member Brookville / Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
Member American Writers of America Institute
Certified Cash Flow Consultant (American Cash Flow Association)
Certified Professional Consultant (The American Consultants League)
United States Ambassador for Pickleball


To your personal and business success,

Jen Griffin | Co-Founder
Jen GriffinThere are many quotes about life being a journey and a journey quite describes my professional life.  My past experiences include teaching high school math, coaching, running a tutoring business, real estate investing, writing a book (which thankfully was never published but there will be a published book in my near future), and now co-founder of Your Business Ignited.  It is so interesting looking back how each experience adds to my understanding and ability to help others with their digital strategy.

I do count it an honor for a business to trust Your Business Ignited to design a website or formulate a 90 day marketing plan.  Many days I marvel at the amazing people, I am priviledged  to work with and inspired by businesses who want to offer the highest level of service to their customers and treat their employees with respect.  I mean, really what a great job!

Personally – It seems like we are always on an adventure with my 4 children, husband, our collection of farm animals, sports, and other other activities.  I am grateful for these 5 blessings in my life that continue to expand my life and heart.

My real passion is to help people live an ignited life. And I guess that passion just spills over into my business coaching.

I look forward to helping you ignite your business.